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Summer 2021 wedding dresses: the perfect look for a beach wedding

Best summer bridal dresses & ideas for an evocative "D" day

What to wear for a wedding by the sea?

A trend that comes from America: entrusting the chorus represented by the waves of the sea with the task of echoing the feelings of spouses who are free to say "yes, I do". An atmosphere that smells of lightness, freshness and joy. What could be better than staring into the salt-wrapped eyes, barefoot on the sand? Nothing more natural and less cast.

You can forget some garlands and indulge in choosing clothes that really suit how you feel and not how you should feel. A breath, a murmur, "on the wave" of moods: so our outfits for this day. Let's take a closer look.

Boho-chic. Cutesy feminine robes that refer a little to bohemian and a little to the hippie universe.

Nicole Milano, "l'elegance italienne à la mode nuptiale", designs the wedding dress "Artemide", a tribute to the Greek goddess of hunting, wildlife, forest and archery; protector of feminine initiation and the moon.

Artemide is an openwork dress with flowers, light and transparency effects, long and soft shapes. The neckline is V-shaped with smooth embroidery and small leaves around to highlight the neckline.

Nicole dedicates this dress to all brides who yearn to get lost in the feeling of having no borders, which only the sea can give.

Further homage to the poetry of the waves, the "Teti" dress, dedicated to the goddess of the sea from Greek mythology, often assumed, in poetry, to symbolize the sea. Here the romanticism of the bohemian style is added a hippy touch declined in the short jacket, lace belt at the waist, soft flounced trousers to confuse the shapes. Once the shrug is removed, the eye will fall on a pleated and embroidered neckline that will duplicate on the back. At the waist, soft circles form large medallions.

"Salus", a soft dress with a pronounced "v" neckline, is dedicated to the Roman divinity of health, the personification of well-being. A soft train creates an aura around the woman, contrasted by brave braided straps on the back.

Seductive and enchanting the Pronovias dress called “Panjin”, in homage to the red beach of Panjin in north-east China.

And then again, the Self Portrait dress with softly puffed sleeves and floral embroidery, the perforated petticoat surrounded only by gentle shoulder straps and the elegant dress with a bateau neckline punctuated by three small buttons. The large Bernadette dress with large pleats and a bow under the neckline closes the collection of boho dresses.

As if it were a tattoo printed on the body, Nicole's floral dress, where a dense floral design flows into a soft tulle skirt with indefinite shapes. The dress is a tribute to the goddess Phoebe, a symbol of brilliance, purity and luminosity. The "Jumala" dress, in the Urgofinnic tradition, an ancient god of the sky, boasts thick transparent sleeves covered with flowers and leaves that blend and intertwine with the whiteness of the skin.

Pronovias plays with a classic “princess” style dress, in perfectly sewn lace, a refined décolleté, semi-transparent sleeves dotted with small flowers that seem to have grown on the sinuous arms of the bride.

Jacquemus takes a plunge towards a decidedly more contemporary style, with short or asymmetrical dresses: a trend for the bride who fears no rivals, much less now that she looks at the infinite sea as Infiniti are the grains of sand on which to move barefoot and without worries.

Even Valentini Spose with his wedding dresses does not renounce a provocative slit to which a delicate lace bodice contrasts, nor a sinuous neckline both front and back: the effect, a mermaid-bride. At other times, his clothes are simple, short, jaunty, suitable for a woman who never gives up playing, not even on the day of her fateful "yes".

Yes to the short also for Bernadette, who likes to think of brides who are not afraid to dare.

And for those who see long, Danielle Frankel's wedding dresses are soft, with floral shapes, pastel tones and the most extravagant fabrics, her creations they are born to be worn well beyond the D day that blooms on the beach and ends beyond the horizon. To mean that getting married "like this", sun-sea and the scent of freedom, we can consider ourselves the forerunner of an increasingly genuine way of opening up to oneself and to others

What kind of bride are you?

inspired by "Vogue"

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