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Wedding dresses: learn about the best bridal looks of 2022 and the latest trends

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Not only imported couture garments, signed by renowned Maison’s, but also dresses from unusual capsule collections that you can wear several times, according to the sustainable philosophy of recycling: for you, we have selected many models, designed for every type of ceremony, from weddings in church or by the sea, including the one with a civil ceremony. Copy fashion ideas, trends to discover and wedding dresses to dream, here you will find our complete map dedicated to the bride-to-be 2022.

10 bridal trends to discover

Bows - Romantic or daring, bows pop up here and there. They become a neckline, a connecting element, aside or shoulder decoration, or they mark the feminine silhouette with their volume. A feminine sign that has evolved into one of the season's most essential bridal motifs.

Focus on the sleeves - Balloon, puffed, floppy or draped, the sleeves are the central element of the bridal look, stunning with refined tailoring and pattern making. The garment's simplicity thus balances out the additional volume.

Mandarin Collar Wedding Dresses - An exotic touch, a refined element that closes the neck and brings all the attention back to the face: a trend suitable for mid-season.

Worked bodices - Corsets stolen from lingerie, pleats worked on the bodice, crystals and feathers adorn the upper part of the wedding dress with richness and refinement.

Coordinated skirt + top - One of the strongest fashion trends that also appears in the wedding dress collections. The outfit is split, thus giving a more casual touch to the whole ceremony, passing from the suit (skirt plus jacket) to the coordinated pieces (skirt plus top, blouse or bra) perfectly matching.

Macramé wedding dresses - A little French lace and a lot of macramé for the brides of 2022. The sartorial tradition returns to dress in the total look version. You don't need needles and crochet hooks here, but hands assembling the individual abstract-floral themed pieces to create those gorgeous 3D designs.

The train you don't expect - Goodbye to the long meters of fabric that elongate the skirt: the train is reduced to the essentials, thus becoming a surprise décor element. Bridal fashion offers silk and chiffon drapes, dangling from the shoulders or sleeves of the garment.

Ruffles and ruffles for skirts - We can call it "Copacabana style", thanks to the not too long hemline and the abundance of ruffles and ruffles that adorn the bridal look. The garment is based on the precise construction of these sartorial elements that appear in their full exuberance. They are perfect for a wedding celebrated on the beach, as an alternative to boho-chic proposals.

1920s style wedding dresses - There is a strong vintage trend among bridal gowns, that of the Roaring Twenties.

Hem reveals the bride's ankles, lengthy waist, and precious details, such as detail embroideries of crystals, pearls, and sequins that create light plays, as well as beaded fringes that trail after her.

Short 60s wedding dresses - Finally, the more girlie proposals, inspired by Swinging London: mini dresses cut to "A" that show the legs but remain monastic in the neckline, often adorned with jewelled collars.

If you now have clearer ideas, you can also read our advice on how to choose wedding accessories, including earrings with and without pearls, to perfectly complete the bridal look.

Inspired by Vogue October 2021

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