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Sea view wedding venue: the stunning Villa Fondi de Sangro

Everything you need to know about Villa Fondi

If you're looking for a place to celebrate your wedding with a blue sea and the beautiful Gulf of Naples in front of you, #VillaFondi de Sangro, located in the municipality of Piano di Sorrento and known simply as Villa Fondi, is the ideal location.

The Villa is a neoclassical structure built in 1840 by the prince of Fondi, Don Giovanni Andrea de Sangro, in one of the most beautiful and panoramic points of the Sorrento Peninsula, in the green setting of a luxuriant park with a terrace overlooking the sea above the small port of Marina di Cassano.

Villa Fondi and the beautiful park that surrounds it were destroyed by the earthquake of 1980 and were purchased by the Municipality of Piano di Sorrento, which restructured them, transforming them into a multifunctional structure, venue for exhibitions and conferences, cultural events, and especially the Archaeological Museum region of the Sorrento Peninsula.

It is is surrounded by a typical mid-nineteenth-century garden, currently used as a public park and holds luxuriant plants, various trees, olive trees, and, most notably, various palm species. It is an excellent place for those who enjoy nature and the scent of the sea, as well as those looking to find a pleasant and relaxing wedding in an exceptional setting.

Weddings in the Vills are held year-round, weather permitting, from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) and, on request, on Saturdays.

The possible times are 10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m., and 5:30 p.m

The amount to be paid to the Municipality of Piano di Sorrento varies depending on whether or not the registry office is open.

I decided to share some information with you after realizing that, aside from a few brief historical notes, there isn't much information available online to pique the interest of couples who choose the Villa Fondi as their ceremony location. If you've scheduled your civil (or symbolic) wedding in this lovely courtyard, you may be curious about how the ceremonies go and what to expect.

The Villa, which is in the village of Piano di Sorrento, is frequently used for weddings in the summer, particularly for foreign couples who, kissed by the Italian sun and amazed by the beautiful views, crown their dream of love with the presence of their loved ones and closest friends.

The civil ceremony lasts about 20 minutes and is performed by an Italian Municipal official who is accompanied by an interpreter who translates the legal articles to the spouses in real-time.

Each couple has the option of further personalizing the Villa with flowers, carpets, and lanterns, as well as adding to the enchantment with background music (live mandolin and violin are the most popular instruments!).

Villa Fondi Sorrento

Getting married in Italy is a romantic experience; enlist the help of a local wedding planner to make your wedding abroad memorable and stress-free.

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