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The rose ceremony: some fun details about this romantic ritual!

A ceremony full of love, power, and eternity can enhance your wedding. Learn how to incorporate the rose ritual into your wedding ceremony with us.

The rose ceremony is a secular ritual that can add powerful symbolism to your civil wedding, leaving you free to choose your romantic phrases. The roses and the creation of the appropriate atmosphere are unavoidable elements in this ceremony: it will not be enough for you to wear the wedding and groom's gown, but you will have to enter a state of mind predisposed to welcome the profound meaning that the rose ceremony brings with him.

Not sure where to begin? Don't worry, we'll go over everything you need to know right away.

One, two, countless ceremonies

Perhaps it will come as a surprise to you, but the rose ceremony follows one rule: there are none.

That's right, this ritual is as potent as it is adaptable.

On the one hand, it can involve only the two spouses, who will exchange red roses; on the other hand, it can include witnesses, close family members, and even all of the guests.

The important thing is to understand the ratio hidden in the gestures; in fact, the rose symbolises the love that is given to the other person forever: it must be kept in the privacy of the house, in the form of a flower in a vase, and renewed year after year, assuming the value of scented phrases for wedding anniversaries.

Why is the rose?

Since ancient times, the rose has epitomised love supreme. Its most classic form is red, like a passion: delicate and fleeting, prickly and painful, fragrant and beautiful: nothing better represents the various facets of love. The symbol derives from the Greek myth of Aphrodite and Adonis, in which he is killed by a wild boar and she is injured in an attempt to save him. The blood of the goddess falls on some white roses, turning them vermilion red. At that point, Zeus, moved by such deep anguish, allows Adonis to divide his time between the realms of the dead and the realms of the living; it is for this reason that the red rose is associated with love.

The fundamentals:

To perform the rose ceremony effectively, you must be extremely careful in how you envision it. If you want to incorporate it into your wedding simply because you saw it in an American film or because you want to replicate the one you saw at a friend's wedding, it might not be the best choice for you. This rite cannot be merely fashionable: you must truly believe in the gesture you are about to perform, just as you must take the time to select (or write in your hand) the text that the celebrant must read.

That's right: the roses must be exchanged while you exchange genuine love phrases, which usually begin with "(Husband's name) and (wife's name), now exchange your first gift as husband and wife" (the bride and groom exchange roses). Perhaps nothing has changed and everything appears to be the same to you. You were holding a rose heretofore, and you are still holding a rose now. That is, in some ways, what will happen with your marriage. In some ways, tomorrow will be the same as today, but today, right now, you have received one of the most beautiful gifts of your life, one we hope you will never forget: the gift of pure and eternal love.

A significant song can be used as an alternative to reading the text: choose it together, carefully evaluating the words, music, and memories associated with it.

Finally, we want to remind you of another crucial aspect related to the rose ceremony: the promises you will exchange during the ritual, you will have to commit to keeping them!

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