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THE RITE OF THE SAND, how to personalize your wedding

The sand rite is a celebration that originated for beach weddings but can also be performed at religious and civil ones. Learn more about it here.

The sand ritual is a romantic and very suggestive celebration that occurs during a wedding or vow renewal, and it is the sweetest way to swear eternal love without using words.

The sand rite can be performed at a religious wedding (with prior permission from the parish priest), a civil wedding (where permitted), and especially at symbolic weddings in which the spouses choose their ritual and place value on what they do.

If you want to add romance and magic to your wedding, this rite may be the right choice; it is simple to organise and takes little time, which is why it is usually permitted even during religious weddings.

What exactly is a sand ritual?

The sand ritual has ancient roots, dating back to Native American tribes who married on the beach rather than in churches.

It is a different culture's custom, but it has been with us in Italy for some time, especially among those who choose a beach wedding. The rite of sand represents the merging of two lives into one, the union of two souls that move in unison, and the start of a path together that will last a lifetime.

How is the Rite of the Sand performed?

Using three vases—two smaller and one larger—along with sand in two different colours, one for the bride and one for the groom, is required to celebrate the sand ritual. During the ritual, the spouses hold their respective vases in their hands while simultaneously pouring the sand of the desired colour into the largest vase. While maintaining their distinct colours, the sand grains will mix and lose their ability to separate.

Typically, a piece of background music chosen by the spouses is played during the sand ritual: a favourite song, a romantic and suggestive song, or perhaps live music to create an even more special atmosphere. The spouses can then seal the jar with the lid and keep it at home to remind them of their promise, especially when routine and daily life cause their certainty to waver.

The sand ritual symbolises the essence of marriage: two souls that are linked but still retain their individuality as well as two separated lives that are forever united. The sand ritual captures the spirit of being together, being tied down but remaining free, promising eternal love and making a serious commitment, making it a lovely metaphor for married life.

If the couple already has children, they may be still welcome to participate; simply using a different colour of sand for each child, and the finished vase will serve as a reminder of their continued unity.

It is also a very romantic way to renew vows without planning a formal ceremony, making it ideal for the most significant anniversaries, like 50 years of marriage.

Rite of the formulas: The sand

The sand ceremony is preceded by promises or formulas that the couple can read aloud or have the wedding party recite. This is entirely optional; you can use a text inspired by an existing rite or something you wrote.

"Love is the eternal force of life. Love is the force that allows us to face fear and uncertainty with courage. But even if you share life, don't forget that you are two distinct people. Cultivate and affirm your differences. Love one another. Stay true to your commitment. Together you can laugh and cry, be healthy and sick, happy and angry, and share and grow. Sometimes growing together, sometimes separately. "

What do you think? Definitively romantic!

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