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The ceremony of light: an exciting and romantic ritual

Would you like to remember your wedding with a very special detail? Then the light ceremony is for you and we will immediately explain why!

Have you ever heard of the light ceremony? Maybe not, but we are sure that after reading this article you will realize that it is something extremely emotional and romantic.

Go on with the reading and we will explain to you in detail how to insert this beautiful ritual between the phases of your wedding!

What is the candle ceremony?

The light ceremony also called "candles", is a ritual full of symbolism that could enrich your wedding ceremony. This ritual consists of lighting a large candle from two single flames, one supported by the bride and one by the groom. In some cases, the smaller candles are blown out once the common one has been lit, other times they are kept lit to symbolize and give value to the respective families of the spouses, especially if they already have children, present at the wedding of their parents with gods. fabulous formal dresses for baby girl or boy. This suggestive rite has ancient origins, most likely pagan.

Which wedding for the rite of light?

You will be surprised to discover that the candle ceremony is suitable for both possible types of marriage: the rite is perfect when performed during symbolic ceremonies but also suitable for civil and religious weddings. In the latter case, the meaning that the gesture carries with it is loaded with further symbolism, namely that reference to the baptismal candle, which recalls faith in God. In both marriages, however, you must inform the celebrant - that whether it is the mayor or the pastor of the church where you are getting married - about your willingness to include this rite in your day. That's right: we remind you that this is an additional gesture, not essential for the success of the marriage.

The value of the ceremony of light

In this regard, we want to immediately clear all the doubts that may have arisen. In particular, if you are wondering if the light ceremony is legal… the answer is no. This rite has an immense symbolic value, an emblem of love as an indissoluble union of two destinies that live life intensely like a burning flame. But there is more: thanks to the symbolic objects that this ritual provides, you can keep the candles used and recall the wedding at each anniversary, perhaps reproducing the ceremony in an intimate place, to never forget the love phrases you have. exchanged on the best day. Finally, the value of the light ceremony is incalculable, just like the emotions: we do not doubt that it will make your guests shine, even the most reserved ones.

Who are the people involved?

As mentioned, it is advisable and necessary to ask the celebrant for the possibility of inserting the ceremony of light within the marriage, whether civil or religious. This is not only a matter of timing but also because this rite provides for the reading of a passage that can be pronounced by the spouses or by the priest himself (or by the registrar). The other people involved are the witnesses and suppliers: the former could be interested if the bride and groom ask them for help in holding up the candles before the gesture of union, the latter are fundamental for finding the material. The candles to be used could be coloured, decorated, scented and so forth! In the case of a Catholic wedding, you could ask the parish priest directly to let you have candles like those used in his church.

The light ceremony can be customized
Personalize your candles!

How to include this rite in the wedding?

But let's get to the point: how, where and when? First of all, it is good to remember that the rite of light is an accompaniment to that of the traditional wedding and therefore must be carried out just before or after it. For example, it will be nice to unwrap it as soon as you have exchanged your wedding rings, so that they shine in all their splendour on your ring fingers, while you hold the candles. In the case of civil marriage, you could arrange for the ritual to anticipate the reading of the articles of the Civil Code, to make that moment less formal and more intense. As for the passage that accompanies the light ceremony, it tends to be read or spoken just before the gesture of lighting the large candle.

Now that you know everything about the light ceremony, we can only hope to find the best way to insert it into your special day.

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