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The Best Elopement Packages

Aggiornamento: 12 gen 2023

Couples are getting more creative than ever when it comes to saying "I do," whether it's at a town hall ceremony or a tiny backyard affair.

Another unique and personal approach to celebrate your love?

Take advantage of one of our exclusive elopement packages!

Elopement packages have long been a glamorous, jetsetter-approved alternative to tie the knot, with travellers choosing to elope in foreign places rather than deal with the stress and expense of planning a traditional wedding.

So, what are the best elopement packages, you ask? Here’s the option we offer on the dreamy island of Capri

Let your love reach new horizons with sea view nuptials on the picturesque island of Capri. There, you will find the luxury Hotel Caesar Augustus, a stunning mansion suspended between the sea and sky surrounding Capri. A marriage made in heaven starts with a honeymoon in one of Caesar Augustus' unbelievably panoramic Junior Suites with a sea view - Cliff Side!

These specially decorated rooms, located in the part of the building closest to the cliff edge, offer the most breathtaking views of the Bay of Naples you will ever see, in addition to luxury furnishings and top-notch services.

Our "Luxury Capri Elopement Package," allows you to marry on the exquisite infinity terrace, where you can experience your first wedded kiss soothed by the sea.

Included is a ceremony, seasonal flower bouquet(s) and/or boutonnière(s), a wedding cake, a private dinner complete with champagne at one of the exclusive tables of the renowned La Terrazza di Lucullo restaurant.

Which do you prefer, the Tree Tables or the Pensive Corner. In any case it will be a moment just for you two with only the infinite sea in front of you

You’ll also get to—literally—ride off into the sunset with a romantic boat trip, and spend four nights in a luxury cabin rocked by the waves. An elopement and mini-moon in one?

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