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Planning a same-sex wedding abroad

Aggiornamento: 6 dic 2023

A marriage is nothing more than two people in love declaring that their love is permanent in the presence of family and friends.

But it’s not always so simple when it comes to a same-sex couple planning their wedding. Here are 10 reasons why planning a same-sex wedding can be different.

First, you need to make sure your marriage is legal

Although there have been many big advances around the world in terms of marriage equality, there are still some regions around the world that will not grant a marriage license to same-sex couples; in these areas, same-sex couples can only marry through a civil engagement ceremony. Thankfully, more and more countries are beginning to legislation under the community's general acceptance attitudes, allowing them to choose from a variety of lovely locations to say "I do."

You can put tradition aside ... if you want

There are many traditions around straight sex marriage, but there are none for a wedding ceremony for people of the same sex (well, apart from two people who say "I Do"). Instead, it's about starting your married life with the perfect blend of old and modern traditions. Do you want to walk down the aisle by yourself? Make it happen. Do you prefer to wear a silk tie rather than a garter? It's entirely up to you.

Remember, it's your wedding, so personalize it as much as you want.

Unfortunately, discrimination can be a problem

Most wedding vendors are adorable and understand that love is love when it comes to your location, flowers, cakes, attire, and anything else associated with marriage. But, realistically, you can't rule out the chance that even if it's against the law - and within your legal rights - certain wedding vendors may not be the most hospitable when it comes to working on LGBT weddings. It's a pity, but keep in mind that this hesitancy may simply be due to a lack of experience serving a gay marriage, so you may discover that basic direction is all that's needed.

The fashion for passion can be unleashed

Two tuxedos? Two dresses? Two of something else? You'll have to think about what to dress for your same-sex marriage because there are no "rules" to follow. And isn't that exciting? After all, with carte blanche, you may choose to appear and feel whichever you want; the sky's the limit. Whether it's glam, casual, or something else entirely, it'll be something truly distinctive and undeniably yours.

The guest list can be a bit tricky to juggle

Juggling the guest list may be difficult regardless of the size or tone of your wedding. However, heterosexual and LGBT couples may have very diverse motivations. For example, a bride and groom may consider how to accommodate everyone they desire. However, an LGBT couple may be forced to focus on individuals who say "yes" to an invitation, keeping in mind that society has a wide range of opinions on the subject of homosexual marriage. In any event, you can be assured that on your wedding day, you will be surrounded by only those who love you and want the best for both you and your partner... until death does you apart!

The pre-wedding parties are all to customize

What could be more exciting for a bride than a bachelorette party? And two bridesmaids' bachelorette parties? For two newlyweds, it may be a night as a man combined. Alternatively, try something altogether different... Perhaps a day of cuddling would be preferable to a night at the club for the groom? Perhaps the brides have so many mutual acquaintances that they'd prefer to share a long lunch than attend separate celebrations. It's just a matter of looking at the alternatives and determining how you'd like to commemorate your impending wedding, as it is with anything linked to marriage, not just for same-sex couples.

Make sure your LGBT guests are okay?

Whether you're planning a destination wedding or a local party, we recommend that you take the time to ensure that your wedding - and honeymoon - venues are truly LGBT friendly, not just in terms of what they can do, but also in terms of what he will do to enhance a true sense of acceptance and inclusion. Chatting with managers, personnel, and possible suppliers, as well as reading their testimonies, is a great way to learn about their experience with same-sex marriages and the joy they get from assisting in the creation of dream days. This will assist you in selecting the ideal locations and professionals for both you and your LGBT guests, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the day in a welcoming environment.

You can mix seats at the ceremony

In a traditional Christian wedding, the bride's family sits to the left and the groom's family sits to the right. When there are two brides or grooms, however, the concept of "his" and "her" can be confusing. When organizing a homosexual wedding, a simple but effective approach to avoid this is to have sections assigned to you with your name or, as many modern couples do anyway, to adopt a theme like this: "Today, two families become one, so please choose a place and not aside."

You may need to redefine gender roles

Traditional heterosexual marriage has a variety of responsibilities and situations that are traditionally gendered. For example, a groom can wait at the altar for his bride to walk down the aisle, the best man is expected to bear the rings, a photographer can pose a bride and groom in a specific way, a garter toss and bouquet toss may be performed, and the groom may attempt to give a speech on behalf of himself and his new wife. So, with the deviations from the tradition that an LGBT wedding can offer, there's nothing your suppliers and other parties involved can't handle. All that's required is clear and timely communication about how you envision your big day functioning, especially when it offers expert input. In a straight-sex wedding, the photographer might spend most of the time before the ceremony focusing on the bride and less on the groom, but if there are two brides, he might propose utilizing a second photographer to ensure that justice is served to both ladies.

The budget could be different

When planning a wedding, all couples must stick to a budget (or at least try to), but a homosexual couple's budget may differ slightly from the typical allocation of spending. A homosexual wedding, for example, can present two spouses who want complementary but not identical designer clothes instead of a bridal gown and a rented tuxedo. Alternatively, two brides may like to arrive at the ceremony in limousines. It's all about sitting down from the beginning, creating a budget, outlining your vision in terms of objectives, and then figuring out how to achieve it, as it is with anything linked to the wedding budget.

When all of these distinctions are set aside, however, all straight and LGBT marriages have one thing in common: the underlying sentiment of two individuals coming together to promise forever love. It's a commitment that they'll support one other no matter what.

And it is a lovely thing, no matter who you are.

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