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Marriage on Valentine's Day for a romantic and original wedding

The choice of data in which to celebrate their marriage is one of the main thoughts of the couple-to-be. If you are still undecided, why not think about getting married on Valentine's Day, a day of love par excellence?

If you have not already planned your wedding for the next 14 February for some time, you will have all the time to organize a very romantic wedding for the anniversary of next year's party lovers!

happy valentine day in Sorrento
Happy Valentine day !!!

Are you aware that In Sorrento, an Italian location for which I offer my services as a destination wedding planner, the feast of Valentine's Day coincides with the religious celebration of the Patron Saint Antonino? And the celebrations, religious and otherwise, are the perfect setting for a day off per itself so special; Religious processions and the city fair are a welcome novelty for foreign guests who enjoy strolling among the stalls offering specialities, typical local products and all kinds of waste. And then... there is a lot of music, the musical band that parades through the streets, the famous flag-wavers of Cava dei Tirreni.... typical attractions of our tradition that every year brighten up the day of celebration.

Valentine day fair in Sorrento in a sunny day
Valentine day fair in Sorrento

If the choice of your wedding falls on this super romantic day of the year, the wedding theme will surely have red as the dominant colour, however, be careful: in an attempt to organize extremely romantic weddings on the day of lovers, you risk falling into bad and trivial choices.

To surprise your guests and make this day memorable, you have to choose original and unconventional floral decorations and arrangements.

Is that a good idea? Here is some advice:

Abandon stereotypes and do not overdo heart-shaped decorations: the heart is the most romantic shape that can come to mind but also the most used and taken for granted.

The wedding ceremony requires a different elegance than merely celebrating Valentine's Day. A call in the tableau de marriage and a few heart-shaped balloons here and there will be more than enough.

Sorrento Valentine wedding
Sorrento Valentine wedding

Red should certainly be the main colour of your marriage, but it is good not to focus on a single nuance. Contact a good wedding designer and ask for a project that includes a wider palette of shades, from tomato red to lighter tones such as pink and orange. This colour combo, perfect for winter, will revive the compositions that make them unique.

As for flowers, the inevitable roses are only an example of the most popular flowers among which to choose for a perfect winter bouquet. The best combination would be with white flowers, a pure marriage colour par excellence, and eucalyptus leaves for a touch of green auspicious.

A Special bouquet for Valentine day Bride
A Special bouquet for Valentine day Bride

Dare! Even the bride will have to wear something that recalls the colour of the wedding, perhaps wearing red shoes, a flower in her hair or a very bright lipstick. The groom could do the same by choosing a red tie or bow tie.

Bride & Groom on Valentine day

Invitations, favours, and menus must necessarily follow the theme. But do not overdo it, on such an occasion it is very easy to fall into bad taste!

Valentine day  tableau de mariage

Are you happy about the idea and would you like to go into more detail with me?

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