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Marriage 2021 in Italy and Covid 19 - Information update

Wedding at the gates? Approved new decree for the measures for the containment of Covid-19 for a ceremony in total safety

Without prejudice to further measures to be taken as a result of the evolution of the epidemiological context and/or the progress of the vaccination campaign in progress, concerning

the entire territory of the Campania Region: the "Anti-SARS-Cov-2 safety protocol is approved. Wedding and receptions", containing the anti-Covid prevention measures mandatory for operators and users.

To summarise, here are the most interesting points to reassure couples who have booked a wedding in Italy for the 2021 season and who are undoubtedly anxious

Ceremonies and Weddings

In compliance with the general measures and protocols in force for the performance of rituals (religious and civil) and catering services, the following additional indications are specific and compulsory guidelines for receptions and banquets (e.g. weddings, parties).

Each structure must identify a person in charge of the hall and a person in charge of the kitchen, who shall be responsible for verifying the implementation of all the measures to contain the risk of the spread of contagion provided for in this protocol. The names of those responsible must be communicated in advance to the local health authority and the local municipality.

It is also mandatory

- Notify the ASL and the competent Municipality in advance of planned receptions and parties, at least 7 days before the date of the event, indicating the number of guests expected;

- Providing adequate information on the prevention measures to be observed during the event;

- Make hand sanitising products available in several places in the venue, particularly at the entrance and near the toilets, which must be cleaned several times a day;

- Take measures to avoid crowds outside the venue and its facilities;

- Measures should be taken to avoid gatherings outside the venue and its facilities

- Maintain the list of participants for 14 days;

Reorganise spaces, ensure access to the event venue in an orderly manner, avoid crowding, and ensure that at least 1 metre of separation between users is maintained. If possible, organise separate routes for entry and exit;

- Arranging tables in such a way as to ensure a distance of at least 1.50 metres between customers at different tables in indoor areas and at least 1 metre in outdoor areas (gardens, terraces, stalls, dehors), except for people who are not subject to interpersonal distancing under current regulations.

This last aspect is a matter of individual responsibility. The distance between tables can only be reduced if physical barriers are used, or for groups of people in possession of a vaccination card or other certification of complete vaccination, or immunising antibody titres (presence of S1 antibodies, etc.), or who can prove that they have taken an antigenic molecular swab on entry, with a negative result, or in any case with a sample taken within 48 hours before reception;

- Where possible, give preference to the use of outdoor areas (e.g. gardens, terraces), always respecting a distance of at least 1 metre;

- Ensure adequate cleaning and disinfection of indoor areas and any equipment before each use.

It will be possible to set up, depending on the possibilities of the venue, a sanitary station in the car park or other area of the restaurant where an antigenic swab can be taken before entering the reception. This check-in/check-up will be carried out by medical staff provided by the establishment.

The antigen test will not be necessary for those who have already undergone vaccination, as attested by the vaccination card or similar certificate, and for those who certify an immunising antibody titre (presence of S1 antibodies, etc.) or those who present a negative molecular or antigenic swab result from a sample taken within 48 hours before the event.

To considerably reduce the risk of infection, it is strongly recommended that the bride and groom and their close contacts undergo an antigenic or molecular swab in the 48 hours preceding the ceremony to detect any positives.

Guests must wear masks indoors, except when seated at tables, and outdoors if it is not possible to maintain a distance of at least 1 metre, and in any case following current state or regional regulations on the obligation to use personal protective equipment.

Service staff in contact with guests must wear masks and any other device provided for by sector protocols and must frequently hygienise their hands with sanitising products and any other measure provided for by sector protocols.

It is permitted to organise a buffet-style meal exclusively by providing for the serving of food by staff in charge of seating, excluding the possibility of guests approaching the buffet table and touching what is on display, and in any case requiring guests and staff to maintain a distance and wear a mask to protect the respiratory tract.

Please refer to the indications in the approved guidelines and current protocols for any musical performances by professionals.

Unless weather conditions or other necessary situations make it impossible, doors, windows and glass panes must be kept open to facilitate the natural exchange of air in indoor areas.

The efficiency of the systems must be verified to guarantee the adequacy of the flow of external air according to the regulations in force. In any case, crowding must be correlated to the effective outside airflow rates.

For air conditioning systems, it is mandatory, if technically possible, to exclude the air recirculation function. In any case, measures for natural air exchange and/or through the system should be further strengthened and cleaning the recirculation air filters should be ensured when the system is not used to maintain adequate filtration/removal levels. Where technically feasible, the filtering capacity of the recirculation system should be increased by replacing existing filters with higher class filters, ensuring that the filtration/removal levels are maintained with filters of a higher class, ensuring that flow rates are maintained. In toilets, the air extractor should be kept in continuous operation.

- In the cloakrooms, clothing and personal items should be stored in clothes bags.

The trend of the epidemiological curve gives us hope, thanks to the hot season and the continuation of the vaccination campaign, we expect to see the infections lower considerably.

Greetings to all spouses 2021!

Marriage 2021 in Italy and Covid 19 - Information update
Marriage 2021 in Italy and Covid 19


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