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Hen Party til theres no tomorrow !

Aggiornamento: 16 dic 2020

You've been asked by your best friend to do the honours as a bridesmaid, amongst all the serious organizing you also get the privilege to plan and organize the all-important hen party! For those who have never organized a hen party - or even been to one - they can seem quite daunting to plan. But as always, we are here to help (and we've got some great suppliers to help too!). To get you started, we've put together a great list of the most popular hen party ideas.

From Pampering to a Girlie Night in, themed or not, have a look at our list we can organize any do and provide all you need for the best hen party ever!

Spa Weekend. If the bride is one for getting pampered, or if you want to recover from all the previous excitement, have a time out and get the girls together for a few hours in a Spa. The island of Ischia, Pearl set in the beautiful Gulf of Naples is the ideal place. Rich in springs of thermal waters with countless therapeutic virtues, renowned throughout the world for its thermal baths, Ischia also enjoys a fortunate geographical position that ensures the entire island's climatic and environmental conditions are ideal for restoring body and spirit. Ischia and its springs and thermal parks, wellness centers, and spas, boasts enchanting beaches and suggestive views that make the island a sort of sweet enchanted garden where you can enjoy the beneficial effects of the springs of eternal youth.

Cooking Classes

Learning to cook with your friends can be a very fun experience. Why not learn how to prepare an Italian meal from scratch? A professional chef will instruct you along all the stages of preparing an authentic Italian three-course meal including chat, laughter, and tastings of good Italian wine.

Exclusive boat tour.

If the bride is a lover of the sea and the sun, give her a dream day sailing onboard a typical boat to discover the azure waters of Capri or along the picturesque Amalfi Coast and Positano for an unforgettable day with the opportunity to anchor and dive in a corner of paradise!

A photoshoot.

How about a fun photoshoot with a breathtaking view in the background, perhaps at sunset? For the outfit with which you will pose, do not forget to choose original and strictly colored clothes and accessories. Get rid of all forms of inhibition and be natural, the photos will be beautiful and will contain unforgettable moments and the purest essence of your wonderful friendship!

The catch-word is to have fun!

Even if this means transforming the bachelorette party into a party that unites men and women, friends of the groom and the bride who, divided into teams, will be able to challenge each other directly in a competition that may include a penance or a bet between the spouses. You can organize everything: a day in a water park or in a future park, or a summer game of beach volleyball, to be combined with a day spent on the beach. Better yet, a male versus female Paintball match, with the promise that, for post-match celebrations, the loser will pay the winner (or winners!) a well-deserved drink!

Do not forget to use some fun hen party props to add some fun to your hen party photos!!!

So have you chosen which of these activities is perfect for your dear friend's bachelorette party? After a sensational weekend, only an unforgettable memory of the wonderful experience we lived together will remain. After that, dear friends of the bride, you will deserve a day of shopping just for yourself and to find the perfect accessories to coordinate with your beautiful bridesmaid dress!

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