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Getting married at Christmas in Sorrento

Sorrento is a location chosen by many spouses, especially during the summer, both for the renowned beauty of the places and for the very high quality of the services offered by Hotels and Luxury Villas.

It is undeniable that the Sorrento peninsula has a unique charm that captures the attention of those who choose to get married in warm periods, when the blue of the sea and the scent of lemon groves envelops your senses, relaxes you, and creates the right joyful atmosphere. to enjoy the most important day of your life to the fullest.

The Christmas tree in Piazza Tazzo
The Christmas tree in Piazza Tazzo

But Sorrento is always beautiful, in winter it transforms and becomes welcoming, on a human scale, and although colours and scents change its appeal remains unchanged: The blue of the sea takes on more intense shades, lightened by the foam of the waves, the scent of lemons and oranges gives way to fresh and clear breezes that taste good and invigorate, and Christmas transforms the streets of the centre and fills them with lights, colours and traditional flavours.

Many couples choose to get married during the Christmas period, many are local couples, who during the tourist season cannot allow themselves a period of vacation because they are too busy at work, but more and more often also foreign couples, especially English and Austrian, they choose to spend Christmas in Italy and crown their dream of love here in Sorrento. Let's not forget that here the climate in mid-December is mild, so much so that it is still possible to organize a buffet of appetizers or the cutting of the cake outdoors, and guests and spouses can enjoy a unique atmosphere, the city is beautiful in its Christmas decorations and it is pleasant in the days before and after the wedding to stroll through the markets, attend the numerous concerts in the streets and the many initiatives that are organized by the municipality of the city to cheer these days of celebration.

The most popular locations for winter weddings are certainly the Villas, more intimate and welcoming, they are ideal for bringing together relatives and friends, they combine beauty and elegance with the uniqueness of the event that becomes super personal, a real moment of familiarity and sharing between good food, fine wines and music.

Surely the settings designed for this period help to create relaxing and joyful atmospheres, the shades of red, green and gold, emblematic colours of Christmas, create frames of great charm and put the accent on the spouses who dressed each other in white and black stand out in the environment, are visible from every angle and become the fulcrum of their day in all respects, catalysts of all attention.

A table set up for a Christmas Wedding
A table set up for a Christmas Wedding

But all this beauty could never be enough if it were not accompanied by good food, the prince of every banquet, which during the Christmas period is enriched and transforms wedding banquets into real feasts for the palate. Generally, couples, both Italian and foreign, who choose to get married during Christmas, love to create menus that incorporate dishes of the renowned Italian cuisine, appreciated all over the world, with tastings of typical courses of the Campanian Christmas tradition, in particular, it is in great demand. enrich the dessert buffet with struffoli (delicious balls of anise-flavoured dough, fried in oil and then covered with hot honey and decorated with candied fruit and coloured sprinkles), Zeppole (fried doughnuts covered with honey, sweet sprinkles and orange) and mustaccioli (delicious biscuits covered with chocolate icing).

On the menus, Italian cuisine is always the host and almost no one gives up on pasta, but if Italian couples cannot refrain from fish-based condiments, foreign couples love to delight their guests with lasagna, bolognese and fragrant pesto, dishes of our cuisine which, like pizza, is now a symbol of the delicious Italian gastronomy that has now become international.

And then ... the wedding cake, a true work of art by our pastry chefs, who give life to real masterpieces, embellished with flowers, coloured ribbons and glitter, highly requested by the most "à la page" brides or customized for more gluttonous, very popular among foreign spouses is the “lemon delight” wedding cake, a delicate local dessert that wraps soft sponge cake with very light lemon cream and then garnished with cream and candied cherries… believe me it's delicious !!

Choosing this period to get married would make you think you are going to meet very high prices but in reality, it is not so, it is super convenient! Even more so as Destination wedding: the price of flights is reasonably low and both the banquet and the hotel accommodation can be found at more attractive rates than during the summer.

We at Belmare Weddings & Events often recommend our spouses to evaluate a winter wedding and we are delighted to offer super affordable packages!

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