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Sorrento Civil Weddings, the Cloisters

Aggiornamento: 6 dic 2023

Everything you need to know about the Cloister of San Francesco and your Sorrento Civil Wedding

What makes this precious #SorrentoCloister unique is its suggestive structure.

The Cloister is a perfect fusion of different architectural styles, on two sides of the porch we find crossed travertine arches, stylistic expression of the late fourteenth century; instead, on the other two sides impressive round arches on octagonal pillars are erected. The attentive eye can notice the presence of numerous elements of spoils coming from pagan temples, skilful and architecturally integrated and used as corner pillars.Built on the remains of a 7th-century monastery, the Cloisters were of great importance both for the past religious and administrative life of the city.

Spring Sorrento Cloister set up
Civil ceremony in Sorrento

Rich with flowers, plants and ornamental trees, the Cloister is almost a place of tales, with its typical arch structure, seems to transport visitors back in time.

Visit it on a stupendous warm sunny day.

In the shade of the porches or under a tree, you can savour all the magic of a place enveloped in silence, as it is still home to a few Francescan Monks, coloured by stupendous flowers made brilliant by the sunshine and rich in scents and aromas which mingle in the air.

For this reason, the beautiful structure was chosen both to host classical music concerts and as a place for the celebration of civil weddings in Sorrento.

Weddings at the Cloisters are solemnized, weather permitting, throughout the year from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) and, on request, also on Saturdays.

The possible times are 11:00 am 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm, 3,30pm, 4,30pm, 5,30pm.

The amount to be paid to the Municipality of Sorrento varies between 600 and 1500 euros, depending on whether the registry office is open or not.

Searching on the internet, I noticed that there is not a lot of information that can satisfy the curiosity of the spouses who choose the Cloister as a Ceremony venue, apart from a few brief historical notes, there is no way to know how the ceremonies take place and what to expect if you have booked your civil wedding in this beautiful courtyard, so I decided to tell you a little about it.

Located in the historic centre of Sorrento, next to the panoramic Villa Comunale village, it is used for numerous weddings in the summer months, especially for foreign couples who, kissed by the Italian sun and surrounded by so much mystical beauty, crown their dream of love joined by their relatives, dearest friends and many tourists who stop by to admire the happy spouses.

If you have decided to get married at the Sorrento Cloister, be ready to have a lot of Energy around you teamed with a Mystical Atmosphere ! One thing we can assure you is that the experience will be unique!

The ceremony lasts around 20 minutes and is celebrated by an Italian Municipal official, flanked by an interpreter who translates the legal articles to the spouses in real-time.

Each couple has the opportunity to further embellish the Cloister with flowers, carpets and lanterns and add to the magic with background music (live mandolin and violin are the most popular instruments!)

The times in the cloister are limited, especially if your ceremony falls between two weddings. Before entering the cloister, you must wait for all of the guests from the previous wedding to have left and for the flower experts and staff to have everything ready for your ceremony.

For this reason, it is preferable to have a coordinator who is responsible for checking and managing the times and looking after the well-being of your guests.

Getting married in Italy is immensely romantic, trust a local wedding planner to make your wedding abroad memorable and stress-free.

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