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Christmas-themed wedding? We like it!

Aggiornamento: 6 gen 2021

Spring and summer are considered the two perfect seasons to say yes, but have you ever thought about the charm of a Christmas themed wedding? Yes, temperatures are lower, but think of the beauty of a ceremony inspired by the most joyful and evocative period of the year.

Which location to choose for the ritual and for the party?

For a Christmas-themed wedding, choose a sumptuous shared room or a charming place that inspires you and start imagining decorations that warm the heart. Small conifers, garlands, strong colors and above all lots of candles and lanterns. Try to create a magical atmosphere of the past.

The same rule applies to the place chosen for the reception. Having to inevitably opt for a covered location, given the season, look for one that has different environments, to be able to schedule different moments of the party separately. A large living room with a lit fireplace, perhaps in a country house or a Villa, is perfect for the banquet, while it takes more free space for entertainment.

Furthermore, you can bet on a richer menu, something impossible to do in the summer, when high temperatures risk weakening hunger. And don't forget to offer hot chocolate, tea, spicy biscuits and maybe a hot punch during the evening celebrations. Aren't you already imagining the magic of a Christmas themed wedding with the cold outside and the warmth of the party inside? In addition, in this period you can also save money: there is a lot more availability regarding the locations and the prices are lower.

The wedding dress for a Christmas themed wedding

If you think that organizing a Christmas wedding limits your choice regarding the wedding dress, it is the right time to change your mind. Indeed, there are magnificent models that in the warmer seasons cannot be worn, because they are too heavy.

Think of a princely bridal gown with lace sleeves, ideal to evoke festive magic. If you don't want to give up a light suit anyway, don't be afraid of the cold. Just opt ​​for an elegant lace cape, very trendy this season and perfect for a Christmas themed wedding. And, to accompany the bride, bridesmaids obviously in red ...

The bouquet and floral arrangement

The perfect flowers for an organized wedding near the Christmas season are the amaryllis, hypericum berries, anemones, rosehip berries, red hypericum or hellebores.

Play with the different varieties on white and red, for a wonderful effect. And, of course, you can't miss a magnificent decorated tree, according to the colors of the theme. You can choose classic gold, red, green and silver, or experiment with chic combinations such as purple and silver or pink, burgundy and gold.

Are you already dreaming of a Christmas themed wedding? Belmareweddings is ready to help you find the perfect location and to advise you on setting up the decorations. With the help of our experts, we will create a truly impressive setting!

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