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Bridal accessories can make or break a bridal look:

Here is a selection of jewels, both with and without pearls, that will be perfect on your wedding day.

When the bride walks through the doors of the church or the Town Hall, clutching her father's arm, she captures all of the attention. The wedding dress is what you notice at first glance, but it is the accessories that capture your interest and start rumours during the day. How many times have we heard rumours about a wedding: "Nice dress, shame about the hairstyle and that obviously wrong hair clip," "the shoes are excessive, they have nothing to do with the style of the bridal gown," "She chose that cascade of pearls, it is not a good look on her". While it might be a sign of envy in some situations, it can also be a critique of a wedding look that hasn't been thoroughly researched.

That's why picking the right wedding accessory is crucial.

Jewelery with pearls, according to tradition

Tradition dictates to wear pearls. A crucial question to consider is the size of the elements that make up gems and bijoux, as well as whether or not to wear pearls. Those mother of pearl beads certainly add sparkle to the bridal look, but tradition advises against presenting them as wedding gifts as they "bring tears," making them a bad omen. Pearls, on the other hand, are a sign of beauty and fertility in Greek-Roman culture, which has nothing to do with the aforementioned superstition. So whether or not to wear pearls is purely a personal choice. It is entirely up to you.

How to choose earrings

Bridal fashion 2021 offers important cascading gems, cameos, and even sculpture flowers to embellish the simplest wedding outfits, not just a single modest diamond. The trendiest brides-to-be choose to wear earrings that are both innovative and significant.

The necklaces granted

Necklaces are among the most important bridal accessories: the baubles that ornament the neck are, in fact, a key aspect of the bridal look's outcome. Obviously, they will only be given if you give up the concept of wearing earrings: the "less is more" philosophy holds true for weddings. Allow yourself some pastel tones and focus on delicate strands dotted with exquisite pearls or skirmishes and crystals. The choker is a trendy accessory that looks well with a business suit or a slip dress.

Precious hair accessories

In this instance, you can let your imagination run wild: if worn in the hair, an exuberant and even a little overdone bridal item is acceptable. They're actual gems, from tiaras to combs, and they're commonly encrusted with pearls, crystals, bows, flowers, and feathers.

The most precious wedding accessory

A metal mesh veil and a very thin gold net can be used to partially cover the face. This is the most daring and valuable fashion trend you can make for your modern bridal style.

Of course, be yourself at all times and select jewelry that reflects your personality.

Inspired from Vogue 2021

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