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8 ways he makes you understand that he loves you without telling you "I love you"

Aggiornamento: 17 apr 2021

Sometimes a gesture is worth a thousand words. Or even more than two, the most important ones. If he hasn't spoken the magic words yet, he decodes his signals to see if he really loves you.

1. He gives you his drink and he drinks yours if you ordered a cocktail that you don't like. Ok, nobody in the world knows how to prepare Margarita the way you like it. He, however, takes your tastes more into account than his own.

2.      He knows what you want before you tell him. When you're together and want to eat something, he can materialize your favorite food like magic. (In fact, it is pure magic, because it manages to read you in thought). 

3.      The nights he has to work he sits next to you on the couch while watching TV, to be near you. He doesn't care if you ignore him, he just wants to be there with you.     

 4.    Strives to be nice to your friends. Even if you spend the whole evening talking about how Emma Watson was dressed yesterday and he has nothing to say about it or had a bad day at work, he shows interest in the conversation and nods to everything you say. 

5.    When he accompanies you to go shopping, he doesn't get impatient and doesn't snort all the time. Because he likes spending time with you, no matter what you do.

6.      Shoot the table after dinner when you notice that you are tired. He doesn't mind making a few exceptions to the "I cook, you disappear" rule or vice versa, if sometimes you are so tired you fall asleep like an old aunt at 9 pm. 

7. Leave you the last bite of the dessert. He knows you're crazy about chocolate, much more than him. 

8. He is proud to introduce you to his friends. Not only are you important to him, but he wants those who have known him for a long time to know that he has found a really good girl!

If he loves you, you see him in every day's little gesture, he doesn't have to say it out loud.

Return his love for him with equal attention and you will see that soon the much-dreamed proposal will arrive

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