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7 useful tips for choosing the bridal bouquet

An essential bridal accessory, the bridal bouquet deserves special attention. Shape, type of flowers and colour: how to choose the right one for you? Here are 7 useful tips.

Your bridal look starts from the choice of the dress and is completed with that of the bouquet. In addition to jewels and bridal shoes, the bride's "bouquet" helps to define the style, but how to juggle so many options, colours and shapes? If you already have your wedding dress and are starting to think about the bouquet, don't miss these 7 useful tips for choosing the right one!

1. The bouquet must offset the dress

The bridal bouquet must be chosen according to the dress: a coloured wedding dress, for example, will need flowers in specific hues, a summer dress with light fabrics a "fresh" bouquet and delicate colours, while a princess dress or with a long train a bouquet with a shape that recalls its importance, like a cascade one, etc ...

The colour, shape and fabric of the dress are important aspects to keep in mind when choosing the bouquet, which, in some cases, can play a "compensation" role in defining the look. As a general rule, on simple or minimal wedding dresses you can wear an elaborate bouquet, such as a maxi bouquet or a jewel. For dresses that are already very precious in themselves, and which also include a veil, it is better to opt for a more sober bouquet.

2. Simple, refined or rustic bouquet: look at the shape

What shape to choose for an elegant bridal bouquet? And for a simple one with a rustic mood? Generally, you can follow these guidelines on the type of "perfect" form for a bouquet that is in harmony with the wedding dress.

Compact and round bouquet.

It is the most classic of wedding bouquets and can be made with the "typical" flowers most used in weddings: roses, peonies, hydrangeas, gypsophila. It is a simple bridal bouquet perfect to combine with short dresses and a jaunty look, but also with those with an empire cut to give more elegance to the look, or in a vintage style to give that additional bon ton touch.

Voluminous bouquet.

Composed of flowers with large corollas or long stems, it fits perfectly with empire-style wedding dresses for a bohemian look, but also with simple and/or slippery dresses.

Cascading bouquet.

Very romantic, this bouquet is good for a mermaid or princess-style wedding dress with a train. But pay attention to the height of the bride: this type of bouquet will enhance your figure only if you have an average height.

Bouquet with a single flower.

It is an unusual choice but still elegant and refined. It's good for fitted, mermaid or column dresses. The peony is a flower that lends itself a lot to be used alone, as well as the calla, thanks to its large and consistent shape.

3. Which flowers to choose from?

Although everything is available these days, we recommend always using seasonal flowers. Your florist will be able to advise you, based on the wedding date, which flowers stay fresh longer: if you get married in May, for example, you can choose a beautiful bouquet of peonies or orchids, if you get married in August you can opt, for example, for beautiful sunflowers.

But also the sense of smell wants its part. The bouquet will accompany you throughout the day and it is important that its appearance is fresh and its fragrance intoxicating. The flowers for the bouquet can be chosen not only based on colour and shape but also based on the smell that can convey one sensation rather than another.

4. Think about the hairstyle

Are you getting married in a country chic setting and are you thinking of a multicoloured bouquet and a voluminous floral crown to adorn your wedding hairstyle with loose hair?

If you want to wear flowers on your garment too, we advise you to keep this in mind when choosing and to communicate it immediately to the florist. The floral accessory in the hair is normally made with the same flowers as the bouquet and must also be thought of according to any veil or headdress that you will want to wear.

5. Meaning of the flowers in the bridal bouquet

For the more traditional or simply superstitious, you can choose to be inspired by the language of flowers. Each (or almost!) Has its meaning and, for those who care, they can rely on it to create the composition of their bouquet. For example, the rose indicates devotion, the lily purity but also the nobility of soul and perseverance; the iris symbolizes faith and hope, the hyacinth symbolizes fidelity in love, white Callas, lilies and orchids represent femininity.

6. Wedding style

How can we not also take into account the general style of the wedding? It is important that all flower arrangements, such as centrepieces and ceremony arrangements, are in harmony with the type of surrounding environment, as well as with the atmosphere you want to create on the wedding day. For country weddings, for example, wildflowers are perfect, for a beach wedding a bouquet of roses and shells, for a sophisticated or minimal wedding a bouquet of calla lilies, etc ... Every wedding wants its bouquet!

7. Decide on time

The last tip (but not least!) Is to choose the bridal bouquet at least two or three months in advance. You may want to change your mind about some type of flower, or discover someone you didn't know and like the most. Also, if you are geared towards a type of flowering not exactly from that period, keep in mind that you will need to order them more in advance than seasonal flowers.

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