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3 Wedding Makeup Ideas - What is the right make-up for you?

Aggiornamento: 18 dic 2020

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Whatever supports even the most anti-romantic among us, there is no story: that of marriage, of the white dress, is one of the days and moments most dreamed of by all women. And given the expectations, there is no detail that can be left to chance, especially makeup. Natural makeup, combined with the colour of the eyes, hair or nude tones. What is the right make-up for you?

Green-eyed bride? Choose shades of pink

Clearly, there is no standard make-up that suits all brides, because each of us is unique! But a good approach to be able to inspire you is to evaluate the various options based on your colours: eyes, hair and undertone. If you have green eyes, opt for pink: choose a light pink eyeshadow that acts as a base and defines the eye contour with a dark purple, mauve or burgundy pencil; warm the cheekbones with a blush in shades of magenta. For the lips, a pink matte lipstick will be perfect. TIPS: The make-up of the eyes must always be at the topof the list,(it is the only one that, in theory, should not be retouched), therefore, make sure you choose a mascara that gives volume effect to the lashes but is also waterproof (so it will resist the tears of joy). If you have blonde or otherwise light hair, tone the eyebrows with a pencil with a light touch: you will give shape and thickness to the look.

Smokey effect for brown eyes

If you have brown eyes, it already starts from an intense colour, so it enhances all the natural reflections of the iris (and obviously also of the hair if you are brown) with a smokey eye that has shades of taupe and light brown. A line of eyeliner as a finishing touch and lots of mascara. Since your colours are warm, reminiscent of those of the earth, choose a blush that tends to sand, perhaps modulating more nuances. Gloss finish for lips, to balance makeup. TIPS: Fix the make-up when finished and ask a damsel or a friend to carry a survival kit in her handbag: fixing spray, lip pencil, the same lipstick you will use on the wedding day and dull wipes. You'll need it, you'll see.,,

Nude make-up and bold lipstick for a blue-eyed bride

If you have blue eyes put them in the foreground with an impalpable make-up (a nude eye shadow invisible effect), thin eyeliner, mascara and false eyelashes, with tufts or combined natural effect. The lips become the protagonists with a creamy lipstick with a shiny finish. Dare with a full and full-bodied colour like pomace or with a warm pink, reflected in brown. TIPS: Use a contouring palette to softly redraw your features. A minimal bridal make-up will bring out even more the shape of your round or tapered face, so play with effects of light and shadow and tracing 3 on the face with the earth starting from the temples and towards the chin you will have put in the foreground look, cheekbones and lips.

It is important to entrust your bridal makeup to a professional make-up artist.

With her help your strengths will be highlighted to the fullest and you will be the most beautiful bride ever!


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