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2021 Destination Weddings Trends: Everything You Need To Know About Micro Weddings

Belmare Weddings has always made micro weddings its strong point, we have always liked to dedicate ourselves to intimate weddings, where attention is focused even more on the bride and groom and their big day. But let's see in detail what we mean by micro weddings.


Many people confuse micro marriage with elopement. A Micro wedding is a ceremony involving up to a maximum of about 20 guests, usually including close family members and closest friends. Completely different, however, is an escape of love, which instead involves only the couple and the marriage officiant.

In general, micro weddings have the same characteristics as a larger traditional wedding, organized only on a smaller scale and therefore with a more relaxed atmosphere. Already before 2020, many Western world couples chose micro weddings, especially for weddings abroad and today more than ever many modern couples are embracing this form of marriage.


Yes, apart from the fashion trend that has been ranging in recent years, the global Covid-19 pandemic and the related security restrictions have significantly reduced not only the number of weddings celebrated but also the number of wedding guests. The popularity of micro weddings has increased dramatically.

But as I said before, their popularity was already growing before Covid-19, but why?

Reduction of expenses… if you want it!

The budget can obviously be a valid reason for choosing a micro wedding. By reducing the number of participants, the cost of the banquet is greatly reduced with a considerable saving on the overall cost.

However, as of the last five years, the new trend in micro weddings was already emerging where couples chose to increase their per capita budget for a select few and spoil their special guests with lavish wedding celebrations.

The choice usually focused on very exclusive luxury services or on multi-day celebrations to have fun with family and friends, organizing excursions, tastings, or group activities of various kinds. In fact, micro weddings, as with any type of wedding, can be lavish or on a budget, and having fewer guests doesn't necessarily mean fewer costs unless it's a premeditated choice.

More freedom

Large traditional weddings can bind to a series of formalities, expectations, and requirements that micro marriages are not forced to. Micowedding gives couples the freedom to think outside the box and the flexibility to use their creative ideas. No tight schedule, no huge number of guests to entertain and please, no formalities from etiquette but the total possibility of making the day truly unique and personal, without comparison between friends.

No Big day stress

There is no doubt that many couples feel more at ease and relax on their special day knowing that only a handful of loved ones are celebrating with them.

Having to think logistically of fewer than 20 guests versus 100 can reduce the stress and time for planning your wedding day. There are fewer chores and a whole host of things on your to-do list can be reduced or even eliminated by reducing the number of guests.

Quality time with your guests

A small clan gives time to really interact with guests. Instead of being overwhelmed by a constant stream of greetings and guilt for not having adequately chatted with one hundred people individually, a micro wedding allows the couple a more relaxed atmosphere. Welcoming far fewer guests allows for more time for quality conversations in the excitement of a memorable day.

Some couples feel that a micro wedding allows them to enjoy the true meaning of the day, that is, having finally married the person they are madly in love with and starting their life together.


If you like the idea of a small scale wedding then go ahead and don't listen to what someone else might say about it, be assured of your choice as friends, family and colleagues may try to dissuade you, moreover, many of them may take offence for not being included on the guest list. In this type of marriage, you will not meet everyone's expectations.

Take care of your guests. Since the event is small-scale, think about each guest and the small and big things that could make them happy. They don't have to be extremely expensive gifts but small treats like predicting a friend's favourite cocktail at the end of dinner or personalizing favours with special touches.

Ask for help. You don't have to go it alone just because you're planning a micro wedding. Many couples believe that managing a small event is very simple and have a tendency to want to manage everything on their own, making life difficult. A coordinator can help you plan well, so you can pay attention to the details and make sure nothing important is left out.

Limit your guest list. Otherwise, it won't be a small wedding event anymore. When creating your guest list, you need to be very selective. Agree on the number of people you want to invite and discuss it together but remember: Close family members have top priority over close friends.

My advice is to think about who you really want by your side during the day, who knows you best, who will make you smile or shed a tear while you say "I do", who will truly appreciate the invitation. Don't think about who might be sorry for not having received the invitation, otherwise, on your special day you might end up surrounded by guests you "had" to invite rather than who you really wanted.

Work well on your budget. Do (or get it done) an accurate costing including the necessary expenses and the things that you think are really important and that you cannot give up. Once the base is in place, you can evaluate whether you have a budget to add extra touches or not

Choose the colours and clothes you like best. There is no rule regarding the dress code for a micro wedding. Remember that there are no rules to follow. Flexibility in planning is the key! Embrace the flexibility of planning a micro wedding. Make a decision and detach yourself from the traditional demands of marriage. If the bride does not feel comfortable wearing a white dress, she can choose something else! Don't feel pressured to meet cultural needs, be the architects of your dream, have fun and your micro wedding will be everything you've ever wanted.

Do you want to plan your micro wedding? Ask us for a quote!

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